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Particle Swarm Optimization By Ender Ozcan
Optimisation par essaim particulaire (dans  Math stuff about PSO) Par Maurice Clerc. Exposé  général JET5 . HTML et PowerPoint 2000-05
The Swarm and the Queen (in  Math stuff about PSO) By Maurice Clerc. CEC99 talk. HTML and PowerPoint 1999-07
5D Space of States. Convergence criteria and constriction coefficients (in  Math stuff about PSO) By Maurice Clerc. HTML and PowerPoint. 2000-04
CS721 Swarm Optimization. A 'practical' application of A-life By David Grimshaw. Just a small page.
PSO mini tutorial By Maurice Clerc. Zipped PowerPoint, 45 pages with comments. One animation is missing (not very important anyway). 2002-04
EC Tutorial
See Chapter 5
OEP 2003
A seminar in Paris. In French
Tutorial on PSO (IEEE Swarm Intelligence Symposium) By Jim Kennedy and Russ Eberhart 2005-06
TRIBES, a parameter-free Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm By Yann Cooren. PDF file. 2006-11
PSO Tutorial (presented at SEAL'06) By Xiadong Li. PDF file 2006-12
PSO Tutorial (presented at OEP 2007)
By Maurice Clerc (in French. Zipped OpenOffice file) 2007-05
Particle Swarm Optimization: Introduction By Marco A. Montes de Oca (PDF file) 2007-10
Three questions about PSO (presented at NICSO 2008) By Maurice Clerc (zip file: OpenOffice  + specific font) 2008-11
Particle Swarm Optimization
By LIACS Natural Computing Group Leiden University
Social Networks in Human Societies and Particle Swarms (presented at ICSI 2011) By James Kennedy 2011-06
Advances in Particle Swarm Optimization (IEEE WCCI) By Andries Engelbrecht 2016-07
Particle Swarm Optimization Visually Explained By Axel Thevenot 2020-12